Watch Tip: Roaming Cats and Dogs

Posted on October 16th, 2011 by Anna Nirva

Watch Tip LogoThe single most important factor contributing to accidental injury or death of companion animals is roaming. If a dog or cat is roaming, it is likely to encounter a serious problem sooner or later. Vehicle traffic, wild predators, deranged persons and many other unseen dangers are out there. If your neighbor allows a pet to roam continually, say something. You may save a life.

Door hangers make it easy to send a life-saving message

Sunbear Squad now has free “Loose Dog Dangers” and “Loose Cat Dangers” door hangers available for downloading. These files when printed and cut out will enable you to communicate simply and quickly with others in your neighborhood and community. The dog and cat door hangers list the many dangers that a roaming pet may encounter. For the uninformed, the list may be a powerful deterrent.

Download door hanger files here.