wwtips_a2Tell your family, friends and neighbors that keeping quiet when they know of an animal in distress is just plain wrong; it is completely unacceptable behavior. If anyone knows of an animal in distress, basic standards for human decency require communication with authorities or with rescuers. We animal lovers must change our culture one person at a time!


In memory of the starved puppy “Snoop” in Oshkosh, WI

A young couple in a small city purchased a pit bull puppy in January and named him Snoop. They kept him in a crate in their living room. They fed him well for several weeks and then they stopped feeding puppy chow regularly, later saying that “it was too expensive and too stressful.” For the next 8 weeks or so, they watched Snoop grow thin and weak from starvation inside his 2 x 3 foot crate from the comfort of their living room couch.  Read the rest of this entry »