Watch Tip: Keep Pocket Posters Handy

Posted on April 2nd, 2011 by Anna Nirva

wwtips_a2Do you know of a pet living nearby in neglectful conditions? Use pocket posters to send a strong message to the household in English and Spanish. There are 10 messages. Print them now and have them ready in your vehicle or bag. When you encounter a neglected animal, put the appropriate pocket poster in the entrance or on a fence. If the pet is too weak to move or is bleeding or is trapped inside an empty building, use your phone to call 9-1-1.

Sunbear Squad “Pocket Posters” speak for you
to point out a pet neglect problem

As you travel through your busy day, you can help protect a neglected animal by communicating with the owner with a pre-printed note. They are free; download the files today. Four pocket posters print on one letter-size sheet; cut them apart for use. Print one side in English and the reverse side in Spanish, if you are in a bilingual region.

Messages in English and Spanish include:

  • Give your dog more water.
  • Your pet needs more food.
  • Your dog needs a dog house.
  • Your pet needs medical attention.
  • Your dog needs attention from you.
  • Your dog needs shade.
  • Your dog needs water and shade.
  • Your dog needs a wind block.
  • Your dog needs straw insulation.
  • Evacuating? Take Pets Too!

Click to download the Pocket Posters (PDF)

April is “Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month” for theĀ American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This month we’ll highlight ways you can help prevent cruelty. Sunbear Squad provides tools, knowledge and inspiration to help you help needy or neglected pets in your neighborhood and community. Be ready to prevent cruelty by keeping Pocket Posters handy. Be a voice for those who have none.