Watch Tip: Boarding Facilities

Posted on June 12th, 2011 by Anna Nirva

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Be thoughtful about the care of your pets during your summer vacation. Remember, your pets will not understand that you will return; they absolutely will be stressed unless boarding or day care is a very regular event in their lives. Some sensitive pets can be traumatized. Choose a boarding facility that is somewhat like a place they have lived in the past if possible. Arrange trial visits of hours or an overnight to learn if your pets can tolerate the facility.

If petsitters or neighbor visits are not an option, boarding can be a good solution

…but only if you are careful. Imagine your pet’s point of view. Your dog or cat is living with you happily in your home, and suddenly it all changes drastically. After a car ride, your pet is abruptly put into a pen or small room. There are lots of stranger dogs or cats nearby; are they safe? They are all making too much noise whenever a human comes by. The water doesn’t taste right. There are awful sharp smells from cleaning solutions. And worst of all, your mom or dad, your protector who keeps you safe and fed and loved, has vanished. Read the rest of this entry »