Crush a Critter Back on Amazon

Posted on July 27th, 2010 by admin

I guess you just can’t keep scum off the water. In that same vein, two sellers are listing Crush a Critter on Amazon for sale. Sunbear Blog friends and readers already got one dealer to remove this cruelty-encouraging product off amazon but it’s back thanks to a Knoxville-based company.

Many of us have listed the humane objections to this piece of trash on the Amazon site so anyone with half an iota of ethics or humanity would steer clear of this item. But no, these two dealers are more interested in their profits than what is the right thing to do.

So, I’m going to give you the contact info for both of the sellers. I doubt that it will do any good to add more scathing comments on Amazon so I plan to contact the sellers directly and let them know we are all STILL watching. Please feel free to let them know what you think.

BGUM9  — Amazon contact page

Phone number — 323-244-0184

Collectibles of the Game — Amazon contact page

This dealer is based in Knoxville, TN and has a regular web site.

Phone number — 865-454-0793

If you talk to either or both of these dealers, please let us know what you hear. I’ll report back what I hear so please check back for updates.

Please share this info with your friends and bloggers. The more voices against this sort of evil item, the better.

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