Way to go, animal protectors! There are over 20 complaints on the Crush-a Critter Amazon page. Many of you have noted that Amazon should dump the product but why not go to the seller? There is only one seller and the company seems to have a high rating.

Amazon lets you contact the seller sort of directly. So I sent the supplier a polite note asking them to drop the product. Here’s what I wrote:

Are you aware that there are many, many people very concerned about your offering of the Crusha Critter game. I assume that you are unaware that the game is uncomfortably reminiscent of the “crush” movies in which small animals are cruely and disgustingly crushed to death under a woman’s shoe for the viewers’ sexual pleasure.

Cracker Barrel restaurants used to carry this “game” but has recently pulled it from their shelves. I urge you to take this game off Amazon.

You might notice that you currently have 20+ extremely negative reviews. I suspect you will be seeing even more if the product stays on the site.

Writing a note to the supplier takes just a few minutes and it may be more effective than getting Amazon to do anything. As most of you know, Amazon has a terrible record on animal abuse issues.

4 Responses to “Tell Crush-a-Critter Provider to Take “Game” Off Amazon Site”

  1. Anna Nirva says:

    I contacted the seller the first day you wrote but did not hear anything back. Of course I don’t expect to. Anyone who would sell something like this is totally depraved.

  2. Anna Nirva says:

    Joy provided an update–that the manufacturer has contacted her and has pulled the “game” from Amazon. I wonder if the manufacturer plans to stop selling it altogether, or just move his product to more receptive audiences, such as those found on “crush” sites?

  3. Frances says:

    The link you provided works again. The seller may have pulled the game after anna’s complaints, but they just kept it off for a short while and now have it back up as of July 20, 2010

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