Product Review — Water-Less Pet Bath Towel

Posted on April 26th, 2010 by admin

Are you looking for a quick, painless way to clean your not-so-dirty dog or cat? Check out the Water-Less Pet Bath Towel! I brought one in today and the dogs are STILL trying to get me to give them another rubdown with it.

If you have a dog who just had a wrestling match with a skunk or took a medicinal mud bath in the back yard, the Water-Less Pet Bath Towel won’t do it for you. But if you’ve got a dog who’s a bit over do for a bath and you want to knock off some of the natural oils and dust, this relatively inexpensive set of two towels can do a nice job.

I tried it out on all three of my pack members and they are CRAZY for it! It must feel pretty good to them because none of them wanted to give up their space in front of me. I can see the Water-Less Pet Bath Towel rub down is going to be a regular event in our house.

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