Watch Tip: Wet Living Conditions

Posted on March 6th, 2010 by Anna Nirva

Weekly Watch Tip for week of March 7:

Watch for flooded back yards and cold, wet dogs and cats living in the muck. They may be at risk for skin diseases and sickness caused by drinking bad water.

So…you know of a dog nearby that are living in neglectful damp or wet conditions, and you want to help. Now what do you do?

What would help that dog? Take a look and figure out a solution. If you are on reasonable speaking terms with your neighbors, stop by in person as soon as you can with a suggestion. Say “I just don’t want your dog to get sick from anything contagious in that muck that the other neighborhood animals can catch.” Anyone can understand this reasoning. Be positive and cheerful. Offer to help move the dog house to a dry spot, or get dry bedding such as straw or pine shavings.

Maybe you don’t know your neighbor that well. Download “Neighbor Note” stationery here, and write a short letter to mail or slip inside the door. (Remember it is illegal to use mailboxes for non-mail items.)

Consider enlisting another neighbor or two in your efforts, especially if you can get someone who knows the person better than you do.

If neighborly visits or notes don’t have an effect, you might consider contacting local animal welfare authorities or experts for assistance or advice. Keep advocating for the poor dog until a good solution is put in place.

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