Watch Tip: Fraudulent Animal Rescues

Posted on September 5th, 2011 by Anna Nirva

Watch Tip LogoWatch out for fraudulent animal rescues. While the majority of rescues are trustworthy and perform near-miracles every day, saving neglected, abused, and homeless pets and domestic animals, some are not. Some are “fronts” for puppy and kitten mills. Others are resellers who believe they get higher prices posing as rescues. Some are failed rescues that hoard animals in neglectful conditions.

Before You Adopt, Do Your Homework

Your money is a tool that helps bad rescues continue or great rescues thrive, so think strategically in addition to following your heart. There are many bad rescues in operation today; the pet industry is growing and many seek ways to make what appears to be “easy money” by preying on the soft-hearted. Adopter beware! When you decide to bring a rescue pet into your family, do some research first to ensure that the adoption fee will support those groups that reflect your values–and that you can trust to provide you a healthy adoptable pet with a good temperament.  Read the rest of this entry »

The rest of the world is slowly advancing but not the people of the Gaston County, NC Animal Shelter. They have a $6400 budget shortfall so guess what they want to do to save money? They want to skip those time-consuming adoptions and just kill all animals in their clutches.

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Rescue Chocolates Hit the Sweet Spot for Dogs in Need

Posted on February 3rd, 2010 by admin

How’s this for a double-duty Valentine Day present? Really good chocolates with all the profits going to rescue groups to help dogs in need? Very cool! Check out Rescue Chocolate for tasty selections such as Peanut Butter Pit Bull and Pick Me! Pepper. Thevegan, kosher chocolates are made in NY and 100% of the net profits are given to rescue groups.

Just remember that chocolate is poisonous to dogs so no sharing with those furbabies!