Watch Tip: Cat Containment Systems

Posted on May 15th, 2011 by Anna Nirva

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Prevent your family cats from free-roaming outdoors to protect them from a host of dangers, from predators, diseases, traffic, abuse, and getting lost. Build a outdoor cat enclosure, sometimes called a “cat condo” or “catiary” or a “catio,” to provide the stimulating outdoor atmosphere that most cats crave—with near-complete safety depending on the design or product. Containment systems can protect song birds as well.

“Heaven on Earth” for indoor/outdoor cats

Imagine your cat enjoying sun-bathing, bird-watching, breeze-sniffing, and grass-rolling in total safety and in compliance with local anti-pet-roaming ordinances. An excellent selection of cat enclosure products and DIY designs are now available, and with your customizing, can result in an exciting and creative outdoor space your cats will love.

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