PUPS Act: Call your Congressman or woman

Posted on March 8th, 2011 by Anna Nirva

On March 1,  lawmakers in the House of Representatives reintroduced legislation to close the loophole that allows large breeders to sell puppies over the internet and direct to the public without any federal oversight whatsoever. Lack of licensing and regulation has resulted in gross abuses of breeding animals and sick puppies sold to unsuspecting animal lovers by commercial dog breeders nationwide. The long-time obvious need for reform has galvanized animal lovers from coast to coast.

Called the PUPS Act, for “Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act”  H.R. 835 is sponsored by Reps. Jim Gerlach, R-Pa., Sam Farr, D-Calif., Bill Young, R-Fla., and Lois Capps, D-Calif.

The bill amend the Animal Welfare Act to require all breeders selling 50 or more dogs per year directly to the public to be licensed and inspected by the USDA. Dogs must be provided opportunity for exercise for a minimum of 60 minutes per day, separate from their living enclosure.

Read text of the bill here. It was written in 2010. (The final version will likely be somewhat different.)

Call your congressman or woman today to voice your support of this bill. Thank you to sponsors Gerlach, Farr, Young, and Capps!

New Law: “Crush” Videos Now Illegal

Posted on December 26th, 2010 by Anna Nirva

What is a “crush” video? A particularly nasty type of sexual perversion is viewing small animals, such as mice, kittens, puppies, and rabbits, be violently killed by being stepped on by a stiletto high heel. It seems unimaginable that someone would be sexually aroused by the horrific sights and sounds of an innocent young animal being tortured to death, but it is true. These sick perverts created a nice little market for some x-rated publishers, and our famed free-speech laws have long protected them.

Stiletto heels are not the only instrument of death these sick perverts seem to relish. Similar crush videos feature small animals being electrocuted, burned, suffocated, or stabbed to death. These videos are now all illegal.

The new law, the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010, signed by President Obama on Dec. 9, 2010, makes it illegal to produce, sell or distribute any crush videos. Both houses of Congress overwhelmingly supported the newly rewritten law, an earlier version of which was overturned by the Supreme Court in April 2010 over concerns of ambiguous language that could be interpreted to prosecute hunting sports.

New Law: Truth in Fur Labeling

Posted on December 24th, 2010 by Anna Nirva

Last Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010, President Obama signed the “Truth in Fur Labeling Act of 2010.” This legislation, introduced by Virginia Rep. Jim Moran, passed in the House this summer, and passed by unanimous consent in the U.S. Senate “lame duck” session on Dec. 10, closes the long-time loophole that allowed animal fur garments and fur-trimmed garments priced below $150 to be unlabeled. Fashion fur garments and trims sourced from Asia have long relied on fur from domestic dogs, cats, and raccoon dogs, among other animals, and many have been intentionally mislabeled as exotic furs.

Garment fur trims from national retailers that may have been advertised as “faux” were sometimes found to be real fur. Do you have faux fur trim on your coat or gloves? Take a close look at the base of the hairs. If you don’t see woven fabric, that’s a bad sign. Take a look at the tip of the hairs. If hairs taper naturally to tip, instead of a clipped tip, that’s another sign that an animal was killed to trim your garment.

The Asian fur and skin trade is losing an important market for their products with this new law in place in the United States. Fewer dogs, cats, rabbits, raccoon dogs, and the many exotic fur-bearing animals, will be inhumanely farmed and violently killed for fashion. Thank you lawmakers, all of you, for your hard work to improve America for consumers and animal lovers. This law has long been needed!

What’s the ultimate goal? To outlaw fur use for fashion completely around the world. With the excellent faux fur products available, why would anyone desire real fur that is obtained through torture and death of sentient beings?

Way to go North Carolina! After so many months of bad animal news out of North Carolina we finally have some good news. Susie’s Law was signed into law by NC Governor Beverly Perdue. The law reclassifies animal cruelty from a Class I to a Class H felony, meaning that convicted abusers can be sent to jail for up to 10 months.

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Do USDA inspectors get paid off by puppy millers or are they just so darn lazy and don’t care that thousands of dogs are being tortured and murdered by these evil humans? Or maybe the USDA inspectors don’t care that every puppy mill dog sold through pet shops means the potential for thousands of dollars in unnecessary vet bills and years of heart ache for unsuspecting buyers.

Whatever the reason, its time for MAJOR overhaul of the USDA and the laws and regulations governing puppy mills. We have got to start treating these hells as the societal cancers they are. A recent ABC report shed much needed light on how USDA inspectors take public dollars to do a job they seem incapable of doing.

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It’s amazing what it takes to make some men feel like they are men!

Take Texas Governor Rick Perry for example. He braves the fierce wilds of a jogging trail with only his Labrador Retriever and his semi-automatic pistol. Then when faced with a staring coyote he pulls out his shiny gun and kills it, because get this, he feels threatened! So a single coyote that your basic 80-year-old woman could have scared off by clapping her hands or stamping her foot sends the Texas Governor into a panic reminiscent of a little girl faced with a Tarantula. Yeah, that’s some brave guy.

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Watch Tip: Torment and Torture

Posted on March 27th, 2010 by Anna Nirva

wwtips_a2Watch and listen for pets that are being tormented or tortured by troubled teenagers or children, and call the authorities immediately to save their lives or talk to their parents as soon as possible. Even if animals are not physically injured, the emotional trauma resulting from intentional torment can create life-long fears and a potential for dire consequences.

Gucci and the Good Samaritan who loved him

On Wed., March 24, 2010, 16-year-old Gucci died. He was not “the” fashion designer–he was a dog who survived torture, and like Sunbear, inspired an animal abuse felony law, this one in Alabama called “Gucci’s Law.” The husky-chow mix was a sociable and handsome dog, and the distinctive ear stubs and facial scars from his ordeal made him recognizable everywhere. He became a celebrity, making countless appearances and even was featured in theatrical productions.

Click to purchase at AmazonGucci as a puppy was hanged by his neck and set on fire by a group of misguided youths in Alabama on May 19, 1994, and a Good Samaritan rescued him from certain death. Gucci was lucky that his torturers did not choose an isolated location. Instead of enduring extreme terror and pain until merciful death, he was rescued and immediately adopted by his rescuer, Doug James, who then provided access to the veterinary care and the treatments he needed to eventually recover fully. Gucci at the time of his rescue was owned by a teenage girl who wasn’t able to care for him, so she gave her dog to James.

James could have been too intimidated to take action, as many would have been. Or he could have called the authorities but Gucci most likely would have died horribly in the interim. He could have left Gucci in the care of his teenaged owner who did not have means to provide veterinary treatment. He might have provided immediate assistance and then passed him to an overburdened rescue or shelter. But instead this brave Good Samaritan went all the way and opened his home permanently to Gucci on the spot. Together Gucci and James inspired a law, and James devoted his life to spreading Gucci’s story, even writing a book about Gucci and other pet stories.

In one heartbeat, one warm spring night, while hearing a terrified puppy wail, James became an important animal advocate in Alabama. He took immediate action and he never looked back. Bless you a thousand times, Doug James; we share in your grief for the loss of your best friend Gucci. But be comforted by the fact that you and Gucci made a difference in Alabama and you both still inspire others today.

Way to go, Chinese animal protectors! China Daily announced a few hours ago that  the Chinese government is passing new legislation to protect dogs and cats in a variety of ways, including eating them.

China has launched its first draft proposal to protect the country’s animals from maltreatment including a measure to jail people who eat dog for up to 15 days, the Chongqing Evening News reported today.

Interesting note on this is that the China National Native Produce & Animal By-Products Import & Export Corporation is backing the measure because they feel it will help with their down and cashmere exports. I would bet they feel that if China can’t export dog and cat pelts (usually marked as faux fur) then they will buy their products.

The fight is not over but what a good first step towards bringing China forward to a better society for people and animals!