Are you looking for a great present for a new pet parent? Pick up a copy of Perfect Puppy in 7 Days: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right. Dr. Sophia Yin has written a book with lots of excellent advice for first time pet parents as well as those of us who have spent more time with puppies than we can remember.

Yin has done a top notch job of taking us through the pups’ developmental stages and showing the best way to move them through their socialization to become the best possible companions. The directions are very thorough with many helpful pictures.

What I really appreciate about Perfect Puppy in 7 Days is Yin’s attitude towards puppies as individuals. These are not “one-size-fits-all” directions. Instead, Yin explains how dogs develop and learn. This info helps us to tailor the training for the behavior, not the age,

There is something for everyone to learn from Yin’s book. Even the most experienced dog lover can pick up tips but Perfect Puppy in 7 Days should be in every puppy starter kit.

Heartwarming rescue dog scrapbook

Posted on March 5th, 2011 by Anna Nirva

“Our Rescue Dog Family Album”
By Diane Pomerance, Ph.D.

Often recommended as a therapeutic strategy to overcome loss and commemorate significant happenings in our lives, creating a personal scrapbook is a meaningful activity that countless numbers of animal lovers enjoy. Therefore it is no surprise that a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, founder of a Pet Grief Counseling Program, and Ph.D. in Communications would “scrapbook” her pets to share with animal lovers everywhere. Dr. Diane Pomerance has created the quintessential scrapbook of her and her husband’s fur family in Texas, “Our Rescue Dog Family Album.”

This lovely hardcover book is designed to look like a colorful scrapbook with homespun, cheerful page backgrounds and jaunty photographs of their dogs. A long, meandering narrative chronicles the stories of the 43 rescued dogs who have found a loving home with the Pomerances to date (including 21 current family members as of the publish date). The book also describes the sometimes heartbreaking work of a truly dedicated and lifelong dog rescuer.

This is a book to enjoy and share with dog fanciers who have something to learn about the special love of rescue dogs that fills your heart with joy. A profound connection springs up between you and the dog who would have likely died if not for you. Dr. Pomerance inspires readers to think about that connection in a gentle way that does not preach. I’d love to see copies of this book given to people planning to purchase puppies at pet stores or over the internet; would it change their minds? I must believe that it would. Thank you Dr. Pomerance!