“Are you and your pets safe from contact voltage?”

Posted on February 26th, 2013 by admin

(From the Contact Voltage Information Center Website)

“Contact Voltage is electrical current coming from damaged or faulty underground wiring that in  turn, energizes nearby objects and surfaces, like sidewalks, street lamps, manhole covers fire hydrants and even puddles.
These surfaces can deliver dangerous or deadly shocks!**

If you feel even the SLIGHTEST shock from an energized surface, call 911, contact your utility company AND
alert your public officials.

Visit the Contact Voltage Information Center Website online to learn more and find out if your utility company is taking proactive measure to  address this danger”    http://www.contactvoltageinfo.org/

** A few years ago a carriage horse in NYCity was electrocuted to death in the rain, when her metal horseshoes contacted a manhole-type cover under which was a loose, live wire.  http://www.nytimes.com/1999/01/09/nyregion/carriage-horse-is-electrocuted-on-street.html

2 Responses to ““Are you and your pets safe from contact voltage?””

  1. Jill Sicheneder says:

    Thank you, Ace. This is something I don’t think we are aware of or certainly don’t think about.

  2. Jerry Dunham says:

    As our urban infrastructure ages, I suspect this will become a more common problem. Getting it out in front of people might save some lives, human as well as pet. Thanks, Ace.