Watch Tip: Stand Up and Vote for Animals

Posted on September 11th, 2011 by Anna Nirva

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The only antidote to despair is action to lead change in your neighborhood, community, city and state. STAND UP for animal welfare standards. STAND TOGETHER with those who share your vision. Be a force. Rally for change. Lobby your legislators. Vote.

Join (or start) a statewide association of voters for companion animals

The 2012 elections will be critical for animal welfare because state budget shortfalls plague most of the nation. This situation will add financial pressure on municipalities to create savings and animal control services are vulnerable. This will likely result in reductions in services, staff, and animal care standards in your community. Please join your state organization and get busy. The animals need you more than ever.

Please comment to amend this list; thank you for your help.

Find out how to become an effective citizen lobbyist for companion animals.

Find out how your federal lawmakers are voting on animal welfare issues.

Find out how your federal lawmakers are scored on their voting records at year end.

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