Watch Tip: Stray, Wandering Pets Increasing

Posted on November 13th, 2010 by Anna Nirva

Watch for pets that are banished from the house before new carpet or furniture arrives for the upcoming holidays; they will be wandering and hungry. More pets are found as strays in winter than any other season. Can you distinguish between strays and resident pets in the neighborhood? Make it your personal standard to keep up with new pets near your home.

Holidays are hell for some pets

Our little rural shelter is already seeing the annual rise in stray dogs and cats. Those cute puppies and kittens grew up and some busy, disorganized families didn’t have time to train them. Now they need to replace the carpet and the couch before the big family potluck and those adolescent dogs and cats are permanently banished from the house. Everyone else lets their pets run loose. What’s the big deal, they say?

Around here, it is a big deal. Death by traffic. Death by rifle. Death by poison. They get lost and starve. They get caught in leg-hold traps and bleed to death. But luckily for some, a kind neighbor makes sure the poor young thing is fed and watered and sheltered, and tries to find a home or rescue or trusted shelter to take over care.

The kind neighbor knows most or all of the neighborhood pets by sight because he or she is observant and cares deeply for the well-being of those dependent four-leggeds in homes and yards and barns and pastures. The kind neighbor watches every home and yard when passing to make sure all is well. The kind neighbor often provides advise about pet care and does some pet-sitting too. When a stray dog or cat shows up, the kind neighbor is ready to help. If a neighborhood animal appears to be in distress, the kind neighbor approaches the owners to offer support. Yes, sometimes these efforts can be misunderstood, but the kind neighbor tries to get it worked out.

Is this you? Please tell your stories — I want to hear them. You can inspire others. You are making a difference!

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