Watch Tip: High Winds

Posted on October 30th, 2010 by Anna Nirva

Watch Tip for week of Oct. 31:

Be aware of high wind dangers. Dog houses and crates may be blown into objects or buildings. Pets escape when fence gates get blown open and fallen tree limbs crush fences. Pets on tie-outs may be flung by strong gusts or injured by flying objects. Do resident dogs in your neighborhood have windbreaks? Speak with the owners.

Read about “resident dogs” and “family dogs”

The National Canine Research Council (see link below) provides data and publishes research about canine issues and dog bites. They use these two terms to help advance discussion about dog bits, canine aggression and the behavior of dog breeds. Lumping all dogs together as just “dogs” does not provide insight into the causes of canine issues. Add these terms to your vocabulary.

They define the term “resident dogs” as “…dogs [who are] maintained outside the home (on chains, in kennels or in yards) and/or dogs obtained for negative functions (guarding, fighting, protection, breeding for financial gain)…” They state that “resident dogs cannot be expected to exhibit the same behaviors and level of sociability as family dogs.”

They define “family dogs” as “dogs [who] live inside the home and are afforded the opportunity to learn appropriate behaviors through positive humane interaction with people on a daily basis.”

Read more here: The National Canine Research Council.

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