Watch Tip: Help the Hungry

Posted on October 23rd, 2010 by Anna Nirva

Watch for hungry resident dogs and cats in your neighborhood. Look for protruding backbones, ribs, and hipbones before winter coats hide these signs of neglect. Look at every pet you pass. Can you afford to help with an anonymous gift of pet food to the household? Times are hard for so many.

Be an Organization of Just One Person and Change the Neighborhood.

Imagine if you were on a small fixed income and your rent just went up, or you just lost one of your three part time jobs. Your little family includes a dog or a cat or a few of them. How do you cope? Where can you cut expenses? Plus you are pretty sure that nobody really cares about your struggles. Then one day a big new fresh bag of pet food shows up on your porch. Now you know that someone cares! Someone has helped you this month, someone with a heart for animals! What a wonderful feeling. Maybe you can keep your cherished pets after all.

Do you know of a neighbor with pets who is struggling financially? Please think about an anonymous gift of pet food, a gift that may help keep the pets from making a tragic one-way trip to the pound. Remember that in many regressive municipalities, pets who are surrendered by their owners are not required to be kept alive for a mandatory period like stray animals, so they may die shortly after entering. That bag of pet food just might be the gift of life.

Click here to download for free an anonymous greeting card that reads “From my cat to your cat” or “From my dog to your dog.”

Not only can you possibly prevent a needless death, you can help your neighborhood be more neighborly. Your compassionate actions may contribute to a stronger sense of connection to the community for you and your neighbor both. Mahatma Gandhi¬†said “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Live it.

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