Watch Tip: Banished Puppies, Kittens

Posted on September 25th, 2010 by Anna Nirva

Watch Tip for week of Sept. 26:

Watch for spring’s puppies and kittens now banished to the back yard—do they have shelter, food and water? They aren’t little and cute anymore so the family’s enthusiasm is long gone. They may be poorly socialized, untrained, and difficult to approach, but they still need daily care. Are they getting that care or are they often forgotten? Speak with the family; they probably don’t know what to do.

If only puppies and kittens weren’t so dang cute!

Sounds like heresy, doesn’t it. But if puppies and kittens were not so appealing and cuddly, they would not often end up as members of a family that did not think through the implications of providing a safe, loving home through a lifetime. The puppies and kittens would not often end up being lonely and neglected in the back yard or wandering the streets. They would not sometimes suffer until death. Do you think I’m being dramatic? Google the news sometime, but turn the photos off or you won’t sleep tonight.

As you drive or bike or walk through your daily routines, peek around to back yards. Listen for whines or cries. Did you hear about a neighbor getting a new puppy or kitten? Go down the alley and take a look to check for signs of neglect or abuse. Do you see a ramshackle kennel? If you can, bang on it once to see if an animal pops out. If a family will tolerate poor shelter for their animals, be fearful of what else they will tolerate. You’ve seen these stories in this blog so you know you must be proactive. Young dogs and cats are especially vulnerable. If not you, who?

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