Watch Tip: Water Bowls

Posted on September 18th, 2010 by Anna Nirva

Watch for pets without fresh water—warm breezy autumn days cause dehydration. Pets without shade are more vulnerable to heat stroke, especially young and senior animals. Will you help them? Speak with the owners or provide water yourself. Or call the authorities you trust to uphold compassionate animal welfare standards.

Please carry a Sidewalk Rescue Kit wherever you go. Be ready to help animals in distress.

What is a “Sidewalk Rescue Kit?” It’s the scaled-down version of our popular Roadside Rescue Kit for vehicles. Keep these items in your backpack or messenger bag:

  • A tiny notebook and pencil for note-taking
  • Your mobile phone
  • Your filled-out Sunbear Squad Wallet Card
  • A bottle of water
  • A cheap plastic food storage container with dry cat food inside (both dogs and cats can eat right out of the bowl)
  • Another cheap plastic food storage container nested below the above, for giving water
  • A tiny flashlight
  • A lightweight nylon slip-noose lead
  • A clean bandanna (in a pinch, can become a towel, a muzzle, a collar, etc.)
  • A whistle (to get a lot of attention in an emergency)
  • A travel pack of handy wipes

As you travel on foot or bicycle through the day, you have the basics needed to help a dog or cat who needs water, food, or rescue.

My friend Karen S. helped a hot, panting dog trapped inside the cab of a pickup truck recently. The window was rolled down far enough that she could slip her arm inside the cab to provide water in a little bowl to the thirsty dog. And she waited a bit. When the owner returned to the truck, she cheerfully told him about how dogs can’t sweat so they overheat much more easily than people. The dog’s big burly owner thanked her and seemed truly appreciative. He just didn’t know any better! Karen always carries water and a bowl with her for this very purpose. I’m delighted to share this true story to inspire you to do the same.

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