Fourth of July – what to do and watch out for:

Posted on July 6th, 2010 by admin

Please keep your pets away from fireworks displays. Keep kitties inside during the days BEFORE and AFTER the 4th of July.

When you walk your dog, watch to make sure your dog does not pick up or mouth any strange objects on the grass or sidewalk – it may be an unexploded firecracker. Even if it is an exploded one, the gunpowder and other chemicals on it are definitely bad for your pet(s).

Watch for any fireworks, exploded or not, that may have been thrown on your lawn. Your pets should not find them before you do!

AND, be watchful in your neighborhood for any pets who may not have been so lucky on the Fourth of July–abused and injured pets may hide under cars, or be immobile, in plain view.

Let’s hope for a sane and safe Fourth for ALL.

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