Way to go North Carolina! After so many months of bad animal news out of North Carolina we finally have some good news. Susie’s Law was signed into law by NC Governor Beverly Perdue. The law reclassifies animal cruelty from a Class I to a Class H felony, meaning that convicted abusers can be sent to jail for up to 10 months.

Granted, most of us would like to see longer jail terms but this is a great start. Kudos to all the folks wh worked so hard for Susie and to pass this law. Now let’s hope the judges, police, prosecutors and animal control officers use it to the best advantage of animals.

Thanks to Care2’s Alicia Graef for sharing this news. Follow this link to read more and watch the video.

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  1. Anna Nirva says:

    Animal lovers in North Carolina, you won an important battle. Keep up the great work!!!

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