The rest of the world is slowly advancing but not the people of the Gaston County, NC Animal Shelter. They have a $6400 budget shortfall so guess what they want to do to save money? They want to skip those time-consuming adoptions and just kill all animals in their clutches.

The Director, Reggie Horton, makes an exorbitant salary for a shelter of this size ($70 K per year). A citizen has stepped forward and offered to cover the $6400 sortfall if Horton will resign.

What is in the water in NC? Not long a go an animal control officer in Charlotte, NC shot and murdered a gentle Pittie because he was tired of waiting for her to come to him. Bella the Pittie had gotten loose from her fenced yard while her humans were away for a few hours. By the AC’s own on camera admission Bella had shown no aggression, just fear. Well, I guess she had his number, didn’t she?

So now here is this lazy or greedy Horton wanting to waste none of his apparently valuable time. Don’t worry about finding homes for loving dogs and cats. Just gas ’em and move on! Don’t worry about food or water. Heck, they’re only going to kill them anyway.

You can read all the details, including who in Gaston County needs to hear from you at this site.

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