It’s amazing what it takes to make some men feel like they are men!

Take Texas Governor Rick Perry for example. He braves the fierce wilds of a jogging trail with only his Labrador Retriever and his semi-automatic pistol. Then when faced with a staring coyote he pulls out his shiny gun and kills it, because get this, he feels threatened! So a single coyote that your basic 80-year-old woman could have scared off by clapping her hands or stamping her foot sends the Texas Governor into a panic reminiscent of a little girl faced with a Tarantula. Yeah, that’s some brave guy.

Then Perry is so proud of himself he promptly goes home and tells reporters that he killed the coyote defending himself and his dog. This guy must have been taking public relations lessons from Mitt Romney. Remember during the last presidential campaign when Romney tried to impress the American voters by telling them what a great manager he was.  His great leadership story was that when the family dog, who had been riding in a crate on top of the car for the family’s twelve-hour trip threw up,  Romney told his boys to hose off the car and get back in for the rest of the trip. The really sad thing was that Romney never understood why so many people questioned his judgment for putting the dog in that position to start with.

Here is a story from the Houston Chronicle and an excellent post on the Androcles Says Blog.

I bet Perry will be just as clueless as Romney. But if you want to help TRY to educate the jittery governor here is his contact form.

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