Watch Tip: Chained Dogs

Posted on December 12th, 2009 by Anna Nirva

weekly-watch-tips-whiteTip for Week of Dec. 13:

Watch for tracks in the snow or mud leading to occupied dog houses-if you don’t see footprints, the dog is not being fed or watered. Take action to save them.

It’s a long, cold winter ahead, especially if you live on a chain

Imagine living in a circle, as far as your chain will stretch. You have a drafty igloo doghouse, or the back seat of an old car, or a hole under a porch, but when the cold winds blow you still shiver hard. Your water bowl is empty sometimes and frozen other times. You wait for feeding time. It’s the only time you have something to look forward to. And you hope they don’t forget again.


Have you found where the chained dogs live in your neighborhood yet? Please put that on your to-do list for this week. Then plan to drive by and observe them as often as you can. If you see a problem, please contact the owner immediately and offer neighborly help for the dog’s sake. Be friendly and non-judgmental to get approval to visit the dog and give treats, or offer to rehome the dog. If you can’t reach or work with the owner, call the authorities if your county has humane animal welfare practices in place. Local animal rescues might be helpful as well. Photo courtesy Dogs Deserve Better.

Fight the continuous chaining of outside dogs, which is inhumane and dangerous. Read more here:

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